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The quarterly Operations Research and Decisions is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which includes original scientific papers covering the full scope of operations research. Special emphasis is placed on quantitative methods and their application as a tool to solve economic, social and management problems.


Expectation properties of generalized order statistics based on Gompertz-G family of distributions
Yousef F. Alharbi, Mohamad A. Fawzy, Haseeb Athar
Has the pandemic changed the relationships between fintechs and banks?
Barbara Będowska-Sójka, Agata Kliber, Laivi Laidroo
The energy of interval valued neutrosophic matrix in decision making to select the manager for the company project
Jeni Seles Martina Donbosco, Deepa Ganesan Deepa
Optimizing pedestrian flow in a topological network using various pairwise speed-density models
Ruzelan Khalid, Mohd Kamal Mohd Nawawi, Nurhanis Ishak, Md Azizul Baten
Analysis of COVID-19 and cancer data using new half-logistic generated family of distributions
Sadaf Khan, Muhammad H. Tahir, Farrukh Jamal
Simultaneous pickup and delivery model suggestion for personnel transportation in COVID-pandemic condition
Erkan Köse, Ahsen Korkmazer, Danışment Vural, Gökçe Gül Gökceoğlu, Pınar Şavlı
Project implementation scenario selection for sustainable project and product lifecycle management: application of network data envelopment analysis
Dorota Kuchta
On portfolio analysis using oriented fuzzy numbers for the trade-related sector of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Anna Łyczkowska-Hanćkowiak, Aleksandra Wójcicka-Wójtowicz
General bankruptcy prediction models for Visegrád group - the stability over time
Sebastian Tomczak
Assessing telecommunication contractor firms using a hybrid DEA-BWM method
Omid Valizade, Mojtaba Ghiyasi