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Co-Editors: Adam Kasperski David Ramsey
Recently published: 2023/Vol. 33/No. 4
Current issue: 2024/Vol. 34/No. 1

The quarterly Operations Research and Decisions is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which includes original scientific papers covering the full scope of operations research. Special emphasis is placed on quantitative methods and their application as a tool to solve economic, social and management problems.


Yousef F. Alharbi, Mohamad A. Fawzy, Haseeb Athar
Barbara Będowska-Sójka, Agata Kliber, Laivi Laidroo
Jeni Seles Martina Donbosco, Deepa Ganesan
Ruzelan Khalid, Mohd Kamal Mohd Nawawi, Nurhanis Ishak, Md Azizul Baten
Sadaf Khan, Muhammad H. Tahir, Farrukh Jamal
Agata Klaus-Rosińska, Joanna Iwko
Erkan Köse, Ahsen Korkmazer, Danışment Vural, Gökçe Gül Gökceoğlu, Pınar Şavlı
Dorota Kuchta
Anna Łyczkowska-Hańckowiak, Aleksandra Wójcicka-Wójtowicz
Sebastian Klaudiusz Tomczak
Omid Valizadeh, Mojtaba Ghiyasi
Optimising the management of arriving baggage at a Kuwait Airways passenger terminal using mathematical programming and simulation
Ahmad A. Abdullah, Ahmad T. Al-Sultan, Ahmad Alsaber
The reloading of a ship in a maritime container terminal as a queuing problem of interacting processes
Aleksandra Bartosiewicz, Adam Kucharski
Concept of sustainable development at Wrocław University of Science and Technology based on the perspective of selected stakeholder groups
Anna Brdulak, Bartosz Stec
A sustainable bi-objective inventory model with source-based emissions and plan-based green investments under inflation and the present value of money
Tapan Kumar Datta, Sayantan Datta, Adrijit Goswami
Goodness and lack of fit tests to pretest normality when comparing means
Pablo Flores, María de Lourdes Palacios
How can one improve SAW and max-min multi-criteria rankings on the basis of uncertain decision rules?
Helena Gaspars-Wieloch, Dominik Gawroński
A solution method for stochastic multilevel programming problems: a systematic sampling evolutionary approach
Natnael Nigussie Goshu, Semu Mitiku Kassa
A heuristic approach to minimizing the waiting time of jobs in two stage flow shop scheduling
Bharat Goyal, Sukhmandeep Kaur, Deepak Gupta
Dynamic vehicle parking pricing: A review
Semeneh Hunachew, Surafel L. Tilahun
Extended power hazard rate distribution and its application
Abdelfattah Mustafa
How to know it is ‘the one’? Selecting the most suitable solution from the Pareto optimal set: Application to sectorization
Elif Göksu Öztürk, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira, Cristina Teles Oliveira