Operations Research and Decisions

Wrocław University of Economics withdraw from financing ORD


After the political changes in Poland, representatives of academic researchers from Wrocław University of Economics and Wroclaw University of Technology decided to found a quarterly, whose subject area concerned quantitative, as well as qualitative methods. It has been published under the title “Operations Research and Decisions” since 1991. It continued the tradition of the journal “Papers on Science and Forecasting”, which was published by Wroclaw University of Technology during the eighties and concentrated only on quantitative methods.

The close academic relations and co-operation between Wrocław University of Technology and Wrocław University of Economics led to an agreement concerning the journal „Operations Research and Decisions”. It was signed on February 10, 1999 by the Rectors of both Universities and renewed by successive agreements after the initial term had finished. According to the rules accepted, the Editorial Board and Editorial Council were made up of research staff from both universities and representatives of other scientific institutions and universities from Poland and abroad. Financial support, from Wrocław University of Technology (60%) and Wrocław University of Economics (40%), was established to cover the editing costs.

Our partner, Wrocław University of Economics, has decided not to participate in financing the quarterly from 2013 onwards. However, the Editors of the journal „Operations Research and Decisions” hope that such co-operation will again be possible in the future.