Issue: 2024/Vol.34/No.2, Pages 121-134


Hossein Sayyadi Tooranloo , Arezoo Sadat Ayatollah 

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Cite as: H. S. Tooranloo, A. S. Ayatollah. Neutrosophic VIKOR approach for multi-attribute group decision-making. Operations Research and Decisions 2024: 34(2), 121-134. DOI 10.37190/ord240208

Uncertainty, imprecise, incomplete, and inconsistent information can be found in many real-life systems and may cause more complex problems. A neutrosophic set is an effective and useful tool to describe problems with Uncertainty, imprecise, incomplete, and inconsistent information. The neutrosophic set is characterized by three independent degrees namely the truth-membership degree (T), indeterminacy-membership degree (I), and falsity-membership degree (F). In this paper, we present an extension of the VIKOR method for the solution of multi-criteria decision- making problems, namely neutrosophic set-VIKOR (NS-VIKOR) in a refined neutrosophic environment. The weight of each decision-maker is considered a single valued neutrosophic number. The criteria for the weight of every decision-maker are also considered neutrosophic numbers. An aggregation operator is used to combine all decision-makers’ opinions into a single opinion for a rating between criteria and alternatives. Euclidean distances from the positive and negative ideal solutions are calculated to construct relative closeness coefficients. Lastly, an illustrative example of tablet selection is provided to show the applicability of the proposed VIKOR approach.

Keywords: fuzzy sets, VIKOR, group decision-making, refined neutrosophic environment

Received: 11 April 2022    Accepted: 5 April 2024
Published online: 8 July 2024