Issue: 2023/Vol.33/No.2, Pages 121-153


Chandrasekaran Sugapriya , Murugesan Nithya, Kathirvel Jeganathan , Subramanian Selvakumar , Thanushkodi Harikrishnan 

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Cite as: C. Sugapriya, M. Nithya, K. Jeganathan, S. Selvakumar, T. Harikrishnan. A comparative analysis of (s, Q) and (s, S) ordering policies in a queueing-inventory system. Operations Research and Decisions 2023: 33(2), 121-153. DOI 10.37190/ord230207

This article deals with a Markovian queuing-inventory system (MQIS) under the stochastic modeling technique. The arrival stream of this system is dependent on the present stock level at an instant. Meanwhile, the system focuses on reducing the waiting time of a unit by assuming a queue-dependent service policy (QDSP). The system consists of an infinite waiting hall to receive an arriving unit. The MQIS assumes that no unit of arrival is allowed when the stock level of the system is empty. The discussion of this MQIS runs over the two types of ordering principles named 1) (s, Q) 2) (s, S). According to both ordering principles, the assumed arrival and service patterns have been considered separately and classified as Model-I (M-I) and Model-II (M-II) respectively. The steady state of the system for both M-I and M-II is analysed and resolved under the Neuts matrix-geometric technique. The system performance measures of the system are also computed. The expected cost function of both M-I and M-II are constructed as well. Further, the necessary numerical illustrations are provided and distinguished for M-I and M-II to explore the proposed model. This paper finds the optimum ordering policy to execute the stock-dependent arrival and queue-dependent service strategies.

Keywords: stock-dependent arrival, queue-dependent service, infinite waiting hall, ordering principles

Received: 24 August 2022    Accepted: 14 March 2023
Published online: 24 June 2023