Issue: 2018/Vol.28/No.4, Pages 71-82


Jerzy Szkutnik, Monika Piśniak

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Cite as: J. Szkutnik, M. Piśniak. Innovation management in Polish enterprises. Operations Research and Decisions 2018: 28(4), 71-82. DOI 10.5277/ord180405

The modern enterprise operates in a turbulent, demanding and unstable environment. Technical and technological progress as well as socioeconomic development create new opportunities but, at the same time, they force enterprises to continuously increase the quantity and quality of the products and services offered. Enterprises, wanting to meet the expectations and requirements of the market, are forced to look for and introduce innovative, risky and expensive solutions. The focus of enterprises on innovative solutions in the area of management is conditioned by an accurate diagnosis of the current situation and also by accurate determination of the direction of future activities. This article aims to show how Polish enterprises demonstrated innovation in 2013–2016 and what kind of innovations were introduced. The second goal of the article is to answer the question of whether it is worthwhile developing innovations in organizations and whether they are an important element of the company’s development.

Keywords: management, decision-making, innovation

Received: 7 February 2018    Accepted: 29 October 2018