Issue: 2018/Vol.28/No.4, Pages 83-97


Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz, Piotr Sycz, Piotr Walentynowicz, Jarosław Waśniewski

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Cite as: E. Wojnicka-Sycz, P. Sycz, P. Walentynowicz, J. Waśniewski. Internal determinants of firms’ innovativeness. Operations Research and Decisions 2018: 28(4), 83-97. DOI 10.5277/ord180406

This article presents an analysis of the determinants of a firm’s innovativeness deriving from its internal potential and characteristics. The analysis is based on research carried out on 1355 firms that applied for public subsidies from the Innovative Economy Operational Program in 2014. The methods applied are logit regression, comparative analysis and literature review. The analysis is structured according to Bielski’s model of an organization indicating the following subsystems: management, goals and values, people, technology and structure. This analysis shows that firms’ innovativeness depends mainly on the following factors: their level of cooperation with academia, longer presence on the market, being highly equipped with modern technologies, being a medium-sized or large firm, as well as being an industrial rather than a service firm. All of the organizational subsystems play a role in determining innovativeness, but the most important ones are the technical subsystem, psycho-social subsystem and the subsystem of structure.

Keywords: firms’ innovativeness, research and development activity, determinants of innovativeness, organisation

Received: 6 February 2018    Accepted: 22 November 2018