Issue: 2016/Vol.26/No.2, Pages 107-125


Hans Peters, Judith Timmer, Rene van den Brink

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Cite as: H. Peters, J. Timmer, R. v. d. Brink. Power on digraphs. Operations Research and Decisions 2016: 26(2), 107-125. DOI 10.5277/ord160207

It is assumed that relations between n players are represented by a directed graph or digraph. Such a digraph is called invariant if there is a link (arc) between any two players between whom there is also a directed path. We characterize a class of power indices for invariant digraphs based on four axioms: Null player, Constant sum, Anonymity, and the Transfer property. This class is determined by 2n – 2 parameters. By considering additional conditions about the effect of adding a directed link between two players, we single out three different, one-parameter families of power indices, reflecting several well-known indices from the literature: the Copeland score,and apex type indices.

Keywords: digraph, power index, transfer property, link addition

Received: 24 April 2016    Accepted: 11 July 2016