Issue: 2012/Vol.22/No.3, Pages 5-21


Hanna Borzęcka

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Cite as: H. Borzęcka. Multi-criteria decision making using fuzzy preference relations. Operations Research and Decisions 2012: 22(3), 5-21. DOI 10.5277/ord120301

When dealing with multi-criteria decision making problems, the concept of Pareto-optimality and Pareto-dominance may be inefficient (e.g. generally multiple solutions exist), especially when there is a large number of criteria. Our paper considers the fuzzy multi-criteria decision making problem based on Zadeh’s linguistic approach to P-optimality and P-dominance. The construction, analysis and application of a model of multi-criteria decision making using a fuzzy preference relation are considered. The paper is dedicated to the problem of modeling preferences in terms of fuzzy binary relations and provides an introduction to the important problem of forming fuzzy preference relations to analyze models of multi-attribute decision making. The key features of the multi-criteria evaluation, comparison, choice and ordering of alternatives in a fuzzy environment using fuzzy preference relations have been introduced.

Keywords: fuzzy sets, optimization, Pareto-optimal set

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