Operations Research and Decisions

The latest ministerial list of journals

December 9, 2016

17 591 journals appear on the list recently announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The number of points for publishing an article in a given journal is also defined there. Journals are divided into three groups as before:

Group A includes 11 272 journals which have a defined Impact Factor (IF) and are listed in the Journal Citation Reports. The maximum number of points ascribed to a journal is 50 points.

Group B includes 2 209 titles which do not have a defined IF coefficient and a paper published in one of these journals can obtain up to 15 points.

Group C includes 4 111 journals concerned with the human sciences.

Papers published in “Operations Research and Decisions”, included on the list B are always awarded 12 points.
484 journals from group B have more points than ORD and 189 have the same score.