Operations Research and Decisions

Index Copernicus evaluation in 2015 - increase in Index Copernicus Value (ICV)

Operations Research and Decisions was awarded a score of 95.42 according to the Index of the Copernicus Journal Master List as a result of the evaluation process in 2015. The associated certificate, the so called journal passport, may be found here. The Index Copernicus International experts have fundamentally changed the methodology of evaluating journals. Now the Index Copernicus Value (ICV) is the sum of the scores from the evaluation of two components:
• quality of a scientific journal – the measurement of a journal's quality is based on criteria reflecting specific functional areas of a scientific journal based on the IC Publishing Stars model,
• impact of a scientific journal – determined on the basis of the citation rate of a journal and reflecting the extent to which a journal has been recognized in the scientific world and the dynamics of its impact.

In the evaluation of the ICV components (quality and impact), the maximum scores available are 100 and 400, respectively.
It is also possible to use the standardized score, which this year is equal to 8.68 points for the “Operations Research and Decisions” quarterly. In this way, one may compare it with scores from previous years and notice a steady improvement in the academic community's assessment of the journal