Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2018/vol. 28/No. 1 (List of accepted articles)

1. Macioł A., Rębiasz B. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methods in Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): A comparison of private passenger vehicles
2. Mazurek J. Some notes on the properties of inconsistency indices in pairwise comparisons
3. Nowak M., Targiel K. Using a multicriteria interactive approach to scheduling non-critical activities
4. Piasecki K., Siwek J. The portfolio problem with present value modeled by trapezoidal discrete fuzzy number
5. Ropuszyńska-Surma E., Węglarz M., Szwabiński J. Energy Prosumers: Profiling the Energy Microgeneration Market in Lower Silesia, Poland
6. Takahashi S., Izunaga Y., Watanabe N. An Approximation Algorithm for Multi-unit Auctions: Numerical and Subject Experiments