Operations Research and Decisions

Contents 2019/vol. 29/No. 4 (List of accepted articles)

1. Abubakar M. I., Singh V. V. Performance assessment of industrial system (African Textile Manufacturers, LTD) through copula linguistic approach
2. Bellahcene F., Application of the polyblock method to special integer chance constrained problem
3. Esfandiari M., Saati S., Navabakhsh M, Khalili-Damghani K., A novel Data Envelopment Analysis model with complex numbers: measuring the efficiency of electric generators in steam power plants
4. Hausken K.,Special versus general protection and attack of two assets
5. Sanchez-Perez J., Solutions for network games and symmetric group representations
6. Tworek K., Walecka-Jankowska K., Zgrzywa-Ziemak A., The role of information systems in shaping integrative logic for business sustainability