Operations Research and Decisions

Contents 2020/vol. 30/No. 2 (List of accepted articles)

1. Grabowska S., Personalisation of production in the era of Industry 4.0 as a challenge for inventory management in small and medium-sized production enterprises
2. Hausken K., Game theoretic analysis of ideologically biased clickbait or fake news and real news
3. Ziembicki P., Malara Z., Information gap in value propositions of business models of language schools
4. Kulakowski K., Mazurek J., Application of fuzzy programming techniques to solve solid transportation problem with additional constraints
5. Roszkowska E., The extention rank ordering criteria weighting methods in fuzzy environment
6. Saha S., Sen N., Inventory model for deteriorating items with negative exponential demand, probabilistic deterioration and fuzzy lead time under partial back logging
7. Tanveer A., Azam M., Aslam M., Shujaat Nawaz M., Attribute np control charts using resampling systems for monitoring non-conforming items using exponentiated half logistic distribution