Operations Research and Decisions

Contents 2020/vol. 30/No. 1 (List of accepted articles)

1. Abbasnezhad N., Mehri-Takmeh J., Vakili J., The domination over time and its discretization
2. Akin Bas S., Ahlatcioglu Ozkok B., A fuzzy approach to multi-objective mixed integer linear programming model for multi-echelon closed-loop supply chain with multi-product multi-time-period
3. Galanc T., Kołwzan W., Pieronek J., Skowronek-Grądziel A., Risk estimation in management and decision making (on selected areas of science)
4. Halder Jana S., Jana B., Application of fuzzy programming techniques to solve solid transportation problem with additional constraints
5. Khalifa H., Goal programming approach for solving heptagonal fuzzy transportation problem under budgetry constraint
6. Nematizadeh M., Kordrostami S., Amirteimoori A., Vaez-Ghasemi M. Assessment of mixed network processes with shared inputs and undesirable factors
7. Olusola M. O., Onyeagu S. I., On the binary classification problem in discriminant analysis using linear programming methods