Operations Research and Decisions

12 points for papers published in ORD

December 23, 2015

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 2nd June 2015 concerning the criteria and procedure for evaluating journals, the assessments of scientific journals in 2015 have now been published (Regulation of 18th December 2015). “Operations Research and Decisions” is included on the list B, together with 2212 other journals which could obtain up to 15 points. 10 points were granted for meeting defined requirements and 5 were given by experts. Papers published in our quarterly are awarded 12 points. The majority of journals on the B list (about 1800) have a worse score. This continues the positive trend in the assessment of our journal within the academic community.

Distribution of the score for journals on the B list
(According to http://ekulczycki.pl/warsztat_badacza/wykaz-czasopism-punktowanych-2015-r/ )